Modle No.: MF01B


Motor is running smooth,size of shaft fold is small,installation is more convenient,delicate appearance, small light weight, low noise and torsion is strong.

Specifications: MF01B

1. Rated voltage:36V/48V

2. Rated power: 350W/500W

3. Max speed: 350~500RPM (suggest ≤ 35Km/h)

4. Rated efficiency: ≥80%

5. Actuation position: Rront wheel

6.Open size: 137mm

7.Brake type: Disc Brake

8:Flywheel: 6s/7s/8s/9s

9.Weight: 4.5kg

10. Cable location: Shaft center

11. Noise(dB): <50

12. Connector: Water proof

13. Color: Silver & Black painted

14. Suitable rim: 20"、22"、24"、26"、700C、28"

15. Certification: CE, ROHS